Besides The Point

Written by: Milton Toran

I owned a goofy Pointer,
as goofy as can be;
He wasn't worth a quarter,
'cause he'd only point at me!

I took him on a hunting trip,
to shoot a lousy duck;
I didn't feel too well that day,
of all the rotten luck!

Way out in the wetlands,
Went "quacks" from a 100 feet;
"Go point 'em out, ol' boy!"...I said,
"Bring daddy home some meat!"

He darted in one direction, 
as far as my eyes could see;
He made a sudden turn,
Came back and pointed at me!

Oh what a "BLEEPIN" goof up,
he was pointin' without a care;
Little did I know behind me,
was a big ol' ugly bear!

I could hear its heavy breathing,
this bear was fresh from a cave;
I bolted like a track star,
Quicker than a runaway slave!

I dropped my beloved rifle,
this beast was on our heels;
We dashed across a shallow creek,
To my truck at the top of a hill!

Safe inside of our pickup,
I put the pedal to the floor;
That bear was kissin' bumper,
as the rain began to pour!

My Pointer's dead and gone now,
though smarter than he'd pretend;
We'll meet once more in the afterlife,
he truly was a man's best friend!