Before Lord I Aver

Written by: Swairik Das

My Lord!
Show me a way
Where I can walk without a shadow
And a way without a destiny
Where I can explore without being noticed
And a way without cognizing me the journey
Where I can evince without being hurt
And a way without combating an old memory.
My Lord!
Take me to a world
Where I can find peace without a war
And a world without a province
Where I can roam without being interrogated
And a world without encountering the ill-humanoids
Where I can perceive the nature exhaling
And a world where legends are still breathing.
My Lord!
Gift me the existence
Where I can build my own way to create my own world
And the existance without any barriers
Where I can raise my own castles without any bricks
And the existance without any reach
Where I can love the only beautiful woman
And her existance that will be an enternity.