PAIN- The Destiny of Man

Written by: Mohammad Yamin

Pain, excruciating pain
Gripping spine, disabling 
Till vigor and strength drain
 Prayers you chant and Hymns sing

Hospital, Doctors, MRI’s and X-rays
Cash, Debit Cards, depleting bank account
Money vanishes, but pain stays
Nothing could misery surmount

 Calves stiff, nerves sore
Walking with stick, still in pain
Whoever said, whoever swore
“Pleasure and pain are links of a chain”

Sad poems, heart-wrenching news
Failed love, desertions, betrayals
Pain intrudes with or without excuse
No distinction in paupers and royals

Pain is the destiny of man
It is a heartache or pain in spine
Man's birth is through pain and death from pain
Gripping like fog the life's sunshine 

You wish and pray it goes
It cures, soothes nor heals
With time it grows and grows
Till death your life steals