Soldiers Freedom

Written by: Richard McClellan

Standing in the trenches,
The sweat running down my face,
I adjust my steel pot
and increase my marching pace,

The day is hot,
steamy across the land,
you can see the heat,
on the distant sands,

My M-16 rifle is beside me,
I carry it so,
because the enemies of freedom,
are endless across the land,

They want to enslave us all,
under a blanket of their inept ideology,
However their army of misfits,
Will fall one by one.

Until freedom is boundless, prevalent, and wall-to-wall,
this soldiers job will never be done,
An endless struggle of epidemic proportions,
For freedom of the mind, heart, and soul suffers defeat;
Without the soldier's devotion to protect freedom and liberty for all.

Razorblade © 2011