Written by: Richard McClellan


No matter how misconstrued,
one may be taken,
a gentle heart,
will never change,
and always shine through,

A friend,
that don't understand,
take their voices, pro or con,
with a pebble of rock salt,
They be what they have to be!

A friend nothing more,
and for sure never less,
that unknowingly to you,
is the measurement of their rule,
in your hand you carry,

For if one measures something else,
they're using the wrong scale,
while one may be mistaken,
their friendship ruled together,
will never be forsaken,

With that in mind,
like Jesus, the great carpenter,
he who builds a colossal house,
together our planks of companionship,
will build a friendship that can never be torn down!

Razorblade © 2012