Chilled Aspirations

Written by: Milton Toran

Winter winds cut through me,
I'm freezing to the bone;
Visibility's slim to zero,
I wish I'd stayed at home!

Am I the lonely walker?
I feel just like a jerk;
Bills are pilin' on me,
Somebody's gotta work!

These tiny flakes are stinging,
Looks like I missed my bus;
My feet are frozen solid,
There ain't no need to fuss!

Eleven blocks await me,
My mood is foul and drab;
I can't even bum a ride,
Where in hell is a cab?

I can see my job from here,
It's lookin' mighty slow;
The boss won't be too happy,
He'd better be glad I showed!

At last, the main entry,
I'm greeted by a sign which read;
I could've been warm in bed!