A Dreamer's Desire

Written by: Expressive Child

The sky’s in blue and grey...
as I sit here thoughtlessly...
The sun’s vague by the clouds,
hiding behind as if its fading..
in the early hours of morning..
I can feel the whiff of the wind,
soothing and calm on my face..
Looking through a stained shutter,
watching the day going on by...
My nomadic mind is losing track..
from the happenings on Earth...
So I disregard all of my worries..
to drift away for just a moment...
into another dimension far away..
Upon a delusional flight I flutter..
staring at a perfect world ahead..
A solitude meant for the lonely...
A revelation for the disheartened..
A paradise of the purest Idealism..
and seems to promise a new hope...
As I yield my fate into blind faith..
I adore the cascading star dusts...
of snowy white and gleaming gold,
showering the Goddesses of Love..
chanting songs of serenade and joy,
with a healing essence for the soul..
and purely divine it’s celestial spirit..
caressing the depths of my heart...
I felt trapped in a boundless elevation..
to another realm of everlasting euphoria,
Now I can bid goodbye to this lifetime..
and lay the memories of the past to rest..
or all the moments that I never desired..
Yet I face the sorrow and torment...
enduring pains of a miserable existence..
Somehow I hear the evoking echoes...
that will bring me back to desolation..
and face the glares of a truthful light..
As my delusions ceased mournfully...
fading another paradisiacal voyage..
where I long to salvage in escapism..
Everything's banished in enmity again..
When I rise to the wake of reality..