The New Year Is Here

Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

A day like other days but different 
A week like other weeks but different 
A month like other months but different 
A year like other years but different. 

The day comes with its own chores 
The week comes with its own activities
The month comes with its own events 
The year comes with its own anniversaries. 

Last year has gone with its daily chores  
Last year has gone with its weekly activities  
Last year has gone with its monthly events
Last year has given birth to this new year. 

Its a new day with daily settings 
Its a new week with weekly activities 
Its a new month with monthly events
Its a new year to make fun memories. 

The day may come with its low points 
The week may come with its drags 
The month may come with its set backs 
The new year do come with expectations.