Written by: joy bohland

Sometimes you say words that hurt me
sometimes you don't deserve me
and you often make me cry

but you are Home
you are Home

When I've lost all my fight 
and I've got no more left to give
its you that's there to remind
me it's not you the struggle's with.
Its bigger than us, its bigger than this.
With a war raging on inside
I've got to run away and hide

but you are Home
you are Home

You've taught me everything I know.

Don't want to get to where I'm going
the cheap way, the sneaky way.
Like Scarlett O Hara 
and her Father's love for Tara
she didn't understand 
until the very end.

I make enemies of friends
and dream of Michigan
but you are not the problem.
I am.

Trying to leave you behind
on your own train tracks on the East Side
tightly tied.
But this soil is mine
and for once in my life 
I need to simply reside

You are Home.