Blues in the night

Written by: Leonard Taormina

     There in the darkness;
     Rides the prince of the night
     And the glow from his eyes;
     Are blinding my sight;
And I’ve heard myself screaming;
With my hands to the sky;
But then come’s that voice;
That keeps asking why.
     I’m alone here now standing;
     Facing the wind
     But I have to keep watching;
     Because he’ls comming again.
And this heart it keeps burning
But my soul’s not for hire
So I’ll keep on fighting;
Till I sing with the choir
          And baby I saw you;
          With the looks of a dream;
          And I don’t understand it;
          But I know what it means.
So thank you for living;
So all might recall;
In this world there is beauty;
That could conquer it all