Ian's Game Part two

Written by: Tony Lane

He said he called it Ian’s game and that the rules were pretty easy,
It wouldn’t take too long to learn not unlike the game Parcheesi.

You could roll the dice or spin the wheel and move around the board,
You could build a house if you wanted to and here’s where they are stored.

“How much money do you start off with?” I asked him with fake greed,
“You can have however much you’d like, how much do you need?

You can move your piece in any direction in order to land on the spaces,
I’ve made lots of fun things to do when you land on one of these bases.

We do rock, paper, scissors to see which one of us should start,
Then roll the dice or spin the wheel so your marker can depart.”

But I had a couple of questions for Ian before the game could begin,
“What was the point of playing it? How was it we could win?”

“Dad, the game is just for playing it and you win it when you play,
We’re playing it altogether and that is the point of it I’d say.

Spending the night playing a game is the best thing as far as I can see,
And we all win whenever it is that we come together as a family.

There are no losers at this game as long as we’re all having fun,”
Finally I got his point and I couldn’t have been prouder of my son.

So we played a game that had no losers or even an end in sight,
Just roll or spin and move your man and laugh throughout the night.

We had a great time playing Ian’s game and making up more rules,
Making sure that we all had fun and none were played for fools.

Competition has its place in life but it shouldn’t have a monopoly,
Sometimes you should just have fun when you’re with your family.