Written by: desiree imbery

Violence----- There are many different types. Emotional, mentally, physically and sexually. 
Many experience whether we see it or not. It can leave people in the background left unseen. It can ruin lives. It can leave bruises and scars. It can break up families, or even end an innocent life. Its more common that we think it is! It occurs everyday. How can it be thought to be right, in any mind?! Men and women can both be violent. Just the state of mind that can occur, doesn't mean that it is right in anyway. Open your eyes a bit more and realize that this happens, and it needs to be stopped! Every type of person can be affected. A doctor, lawyer, teacher, or even a person who works at a local restaurant. Men, woman, children. The abused sometimes don't come forward and let it out, because they could feel violated or scared. Don't be afraid to talk about it if your going through this. Speak to a friend, family member or even professional help. Please speak to someone if and when it starts to happen, don’t postpone it, and keep thinking it wont happen again. Or that things will get better. Because if you do, it could be too late!