On Badmouthin by Ike: Ike and Jane series

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

Well lemme tell ya a thing er two bout people,
Ben round plenny of em and ah got sumpin figerred,
Don’t make no diffrence if’n they is under a steeple,
If’n they small, medium, smart, dumb, big er bigger,

Ah seen that most ever body kin dish it out,
But ain’t many a tender body kin take it.
Ya see criticizins fair easy to do as shout,
To do that folks are a chompin at the bit.

We thinks we got everthin lassoed right smart,
And got a holt a the branded calf by the tail,
But truth is we ain’t hardly got no heart,
Gotsta look at ar own sels ..else we fail.

So yup, ah reckon that’s what most a us folks are all about,
We cain’t take it but sure as grass grows we uns kin dish it out !