I Will Return

Written by: Sheena Slootweg-Langkjar

There I was
Sitting, with my eyes closed and my back against
The cold, strong, gritty, bare rock.
That felt powerful with the inborn energy of the earth
The cool ocean breeze ruffled my hair
Tickling my scalp and cheek as thin strands
Whisked their way around me
Like feathers brushing against skin

I sat quietly, listening to 
The sounds all around me
The crashing of the ocean waves
The chirping of crickets 
In the long meadowish grass below.
The birds wings pounding at the air
Lifting them high above me
Into the clouds

I breathe in deeply
Inhaling as the wind sweeps by
I can taste the salt in the air
It is calming and brings back 
Memories of times past
But it also brings a sharpness
A change in the winds
A storm is coming

I open my eyes and look around
I see the waves on the ocean becoming larger
The trees are starting to sway with the wind
I look up and the white puffy clouds 
That were there earlier have turned
Black, gray, dark, and ominous
It is time to go home

I sigh and turn towards my home
It is too soon
I want to stay and feel the peacefulness
Of the waves lapping on the shore
The wind ruffling my hair
The taste of the salt
And the sight of the ocean
But I will come back 
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow
But I will return.

Place: 7th!!
Contest: Come To Your Senses
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi