Written by: Ivor Davies

There comes a time when one reflects
on everything that one expects,
on everything that one has done
and whether life has been much fun.

In looking back on life’s long game
we may find pleasure and some pain.
There may be things we should have done
but overlooked whilst having fun.

Reflection on what life’s about
could leave your being filled with doubt
about the way you handled life,
and handled fun and handled strife.

If I had gone a different way
would I be where I am today,
and if I’d took a different turn
would I have found much more to learn?

Reflection helps to cleanse the soul
to gather fragments into whole,
then if you think some bits are lost
go look for them, at any cost!

No matter where your life has led
or on what diet you’ve been fed,
there’s one thing clear beyond all doubt,
today’s the day life’s all about.

Tomorrow, it may never come.
Yesterday is long since done.
This moment is the only time
to change the rhythm of your rhyme.

Ivor G Davies