Fading Image on the screen of life

Written by: bulinya martins

                 Like dying embers wounded soldiers watch as life ebb quietly
               Struggling to catch a gulp of thinning air
                        While the medics do their thing with intent
                               A spurt of blood, then 
                            More blood oozing out of the broken veins

Life like a fading image on television screen
Keep going into the unknown
As fear keep enveloping everyone caught in naked awe
As the sun quietly slides in wispy clouds setting
While the tall shadows takeover the show
The medicine man talks reassuringly
But the departing man like an insect hanging on a grass blade
In the midst of the rushy flood torrents
Shivers but only on the drowning grass
Prayers are uttered silently
                          As the hands of the medicine man
                        Grind to a halt
                                It was another dark day