Chocolate Goddess

Written by: Patrick Parks

Chocolate goddess of my dreams I await the soft kiss of bliss that is you if ever you should come to meet me beyond my imagination's musing how I would melt into loving chocolate that swirls around you like soft summer slowly caressing you in waves more tender than butterfly's feet kissing the tender lining of your heart as you rattle my tranquility in quivers causing it to settle more deeply allowing my eyes to touch my soul each time I have the pleasure of seeing you standing next to me where you've never been except only in my exquisite dreams. The grace of your beauty illuminates the path that I could not well see before your heart appeared standing motionless in the doorway of time that stood still in honor of your being and began again only so mortals could see you showering loving inspiration into their world where you bless them as you walk upon the ground they worship never realizing their own hearts are just the same as yours if only they could realize we are all one and you are but a slice of heaven on earth as are they too be