What A Time

Written by: Leanne Perks

Christmas,Boxing Day and Newyears Eve All these stabbings
hard to believe.

Things are getting out of hand, people stabbing for no real reason
at the so called Holiday Season.

It is hard to take in as these tragic events unfold, it actually makes
your blood run cold when you are told the news.

I thought it was a time for good cheer and laughter at Christmas and newyear
not all this killing and stabbing, people  walk the streets full of dread and fear,
and the message is crystal clear that thugs on drugs are getting very near.

Life has changed but not really for the good although people wish it would
and still could. Why all thes stabbings,killings, shootings what do they achieve
apart from the much heart-ach, pain and eternal grief  with no sense of relief.

Lets face it the world is in a terrible mess, it seems beyond repair, I wonder
how life will fair for the ones who don't care.

Think before you act and inturn it could have a big impact. How we treat others, and
how people react so let us make this a matter of fact, help change the world for the better.

We need hope in order to cope with lifes tragedies and grief, as the world is a dark place despite the fast pace, but  a hope can give much comfort and is our release and that is something  precious to us that will not cease.