Self imposed

Written by: Daljit Khankhana

Dedicate to human rights Mr. Anna Hazare activist that fought for free corrupt Indian society. 
this poem is a result of my disappointment.
Inhabitable lineal consanguinity, paraphernalia under the subordination.
A resourceful visible Bond, to colonize the characteristic of vocation.
To command inhabited Living, to obtain Ledger of human grace,
Aristocrat, Barbarian excommunication, excellence of allocation.
Mom says,’ Son’ go and sleep’ rising Sun brings bounded calculation’.
Intensive, restraint viscosity reliance, consciousness of annihilation,
A grain roaster, provocative nobler, a big bundle of convocation.
Bubbling well being blazed meandering futurist contrivance face,
A winnover shabby, recommital mumpish, a rational versification.
A readymade self imposed Leader fatal solubility calcumination.
Mum says,’ Son, ‘go and sleep, optimist opportunist evaluating eternity’.
Mom never says,’ son, ‘go and fight’ recarnation is a mean formality’.