A boy never a man

Written by: Erin Nash

"Mr perfect" comes along
sweet, considerate, complimentary
he was singing a plausible song
but wearing a mask, at first I didn't see.

But then out of the blue
you show your true colours
I wouldn't expect this of you
your just like all the others.

You had some nerve
not only tossing me away like a used tissue
but telling me off like it was up to you.
just because I didn't give you the attention you so sorely needed
you concoct a plan that was so concieted.

Who do you think you are?
I don't resist the urge to flip you the bird.

An energy of aggravation is soaring through my veins
who are you to ruin my perfectly good day?
and then your the one who gets to walk away.

Well the jokes on you 
because I would never beg a man to love me
let alone a "boy" who will never grow up.