I still

Written by: Hassana Shuaibu

I still see your striking face
When I lay my head to rest
I long for those perfect days
I slumbered lying on your chest.

I still know the stirring words
To the sonnets and dreamy odes
You patiently read to me
As I gladly sat on your knee.

I still mourn those long nights 
Needlessly spent on silly fights
Clashing rage fortified swords
Exchanging heated words.

I still wonder what might have been
If fate hadn't been as mean
As to tear our souls apart 
And to break our fragile hearts.

I still see the hurt in your eyes
As we silently said our goodbyes
When we knew our end was imminent
That we had to treasure each moment.

I still curse the day you left
The day you darkened my bright days
The day you eternally slept
The day Cancer took you away.