Velcro Heart

Written by: Krystal Cochrane

Zurrip Zurrip
rip it, pull it, yank it free
peel your velcro heart from me;

stick it to lashes
stick it to hair
stick it to a love that's barely there.

Zurrip Zurrip
fine job you did to zip me in
a velcro heart plays to win

loop it in my mind
lock it on my tongue
hook it on my love and then I guess you're done.

Zurrip Zurrip
the bristles break
the more a velcro heart does take

unstick it from my future
unstick it from my past
rip it from me openly be sure to do it fast. 

Zurrip Zurrip
the taste of love is sour and tart
when you find yourself fastened to a velcro heart.