Written by: Andrew Crisci

Friends are priceless gems brighter than a meteor,
in our eyes they glitter as stars do;
keep on watching them...they will shine even more!

I have sought the most beautiful one,
in a universe so awesome and immense...
there it was all by itself waiting towards dawn!

Amazed by such loveliness and defined beauty...
my wish was to cradle it into my caring hands,
promising to keep it warm with my flame of amiability!

I gave that resplendent star a lovely name, " Eternal friend "...
the one that listened, smiled and responded tenderly;
if friends are priceless gems, why not love them until the very end? 

My Dedication:

My poem is dedicated to Carol Sunshine Brown. Years ago she welcomed me into the Poetry Soup Family with warmth wishing me well.  Her heart-felt words made me feel seven feet tall. Yes, her friendship is a priceless gem!