In The Cross

Written by: Stephan McBride

Thank you Jesus
for you created a path in the wilderness
for one to follow
to reach the cross
providing a way to nail our old self 
and desires unto
Everything you taught 
was leading one to the cross
to become broken down and humble
to realize we are sinners
that need saved by Grace
Only to be done
by believing and having faith in thee
allowing the sweet Holy Spirit
to dwell within
to enlighten the mind and soul
finding guidance with new vision
to bury the old ways
in order to be raised with the new
to be a beacon to the lost
hiding one in the cross
showing the creation 
and transformation that only the Lord
shall provide
giving  a way to separate from this world
and come to know The Almighty  God
This is Love
for the Lord who did not sin
would die a terrible death
to save all who sin
This is the beauty of the Lord