Swirling Layers of Chiffon

Written by: Carole Cookie Arnold

Swirling Layers of Chiffon Swirling layers of chiffon and lace Soft auburn curls brush against her face Striking green eyes see through his soul Alabaster smile, kisses hot like an embered coal Her creamy completion is glowing in the sun Soft peach cheeks compliment her orchid chiffon He watches her movements to nature’s acoustics Butterfly’s sway with her to a divine flow of music Heart racing he steps from behind the willow tree Trying to walk steady due to his trembling knees Nearing he is captured by her moistened ruby lips Kissing her soft hand he twirls her and dips She melts into his arms like soft butter in the sun He carries her to the willow knowing she is the one Her embrace lights up the twilight of his heart Their lips blushed, collide as passion starts Wildflowers and honey soar through his being Her flower bud opens, his head is sweetly reeling Destiny brought two into the meadow as one Each followed their heart while dancing in the sun Love is passions sweet reward Never let its flame go out Carole Cookie Arnold 1/2012