Dealer wanna be famous

Written by: CLAIRE BURKE

I sell coke but I smoke the dope and when I sit alone im playing on my phone
The words I say make me feel brave sitting in lyrics that I know u cannot stray
For one way I feel like im turning into the under
Sittin n drinkin with a temper like thunder
One day I sat here n I did begin to wonder
Some might say I made a big blunder
It tis the ways in which we act in the fact that we all intact we state we love and pray for really we survive another day
Out with bad in with the new never knew it was all about you 
Wanna live my life n live my life free sittin smoking dope n dreamin a life for me
We could be like a country lay there all frumpy not be grumpy but you got me n I got you together in love all love n more there be due

(I know its different but I like to try different things and RAP is a form of poetry I feel)