Breaking up with a moron

Written by: Dino Spahillari

I didn't find her
in a mensa meeting
we never talked
about quantum physics
and i never asked her
about her IQ
of course i meet her
in an irish pub
telling the truth
she is striking pretty
blue eyes
round butt
beautiful boobs
but that's about it
one day she told me
"when it rains
it gets wet"
and the other day
"somebody has to do
something about this guy
he is really-really 
a bad ass"
at the very end
she asked me about
the cave men
"why the government
doesn't move them 
to affordable housing
at the projects
and give them welfare
and mass health"
and more stupid ideas like this
every day
until i left without notice
to relocate to another universe
with creatures who talk
after they think
about stuff
and common sense...