My Little Adventure

Written by: Greg Stanley

I was driving down the street, so nice to get away.
Top down and in my Jeep? What will I find today?
Came across an old farm, which looked old and rustic.
I noticed this old barn, turned in the drive real quick.
I knocked on one of the doors, leading to the main house.
Saw a man doing chores, with a woman, perhaps his spouse.
Both were so nice and sweet, let me look through the rust.
So much looked obsolete, as gifts had turned to dust.
Then I discovered this tiny toy, I remember as a child,
Brought back tears of joy, as I removed the dust and smiled.
Outside the barn I quickly went, to get a look in the sun.
But everything was different, just like when I was young.
I noticed a young man appear, who looked like my dad.
He acted very sincere, and said I should be glad.
“Son, you have a second chance, and this time do it right,
As you know so much in advance, history you can rewrite.”
He slowly walked away, and disappeared on top of the hill.
I could not believe this day, and what I could instill.
For now I know the future, and when certain events occur.
Oh… what an adventure, and my power all must endure. 

By: Greg Stanley