Little Ant

Written by: Benedict Riman Eze

You little ant, you are little ant!!!
W’ere are you going?
From were are going
From Egypt to promise desert land
From sun getting up to it sleeping.
Did thou maternal know you going
Little ant, little pomegranate ant.
Did povternal thou son you land

Thou to toil, through to gartherd 
To and fro without king and command
Thou condence, even the desertly 
If the moon manage you with willy willy?
Who will see your conduit really?
Laddie who will protect in littoral
Come use land soil, you lived
You eye chad magpie, you obey command

Little ant, little ant, why land
Come back to soil, you belong
Little ant let’s build land
Thou we constrocting, it will maisonettle 
Pooh, pooh your head, magpie long
Soon you are drag back to land

(1)	Courage for doing something to your country
(2)	Preservation to do something good
(3)	Building the Nation 
(4)	Unity in building the nation 
The poem is 25 line which has 4 stanza and