Lost Within the Thoughts

Written by: Janet Vick

Lost within the thoughts of future sorrow
where shadows hold to hands in grief and loss
wishing freedom for a new tomorrow.

The silent walls and bridges yet to cross
alone in time with sanity’s loose grip
where shadows hold to hands in grief and loss.

With life’s sweet nectar soured, deathly sip…
diseases fester, gaining in control
alone in time of sanity’s loose grip.

Beyond endurance, voices collect toll
of crimson promises…a slash away.
Diseases fester, gaining in control.

Repeated chorus as the blade hold sway
abandoning the reasons, cause of past…
The crimson promises just slashed away.

Along the path of misery, life’s last.
It’s lost with thoughts of pain’s future sorrow,
abandoning life’s reasons…it’s the past.
Wishes now are freedom’s new tomorrow.

Janet L Vick