Under Observation

Written by: Krystal Cochrane

Wafts of cigarette and old cologne 
hang subtly in the air,
the smoke isn't alone in the night
there's a brush against my skin
like cool breath shivering through my hair.

You think the smell is strong 
when it catches you off guard,
but when you open your lungs to inhale 
the more you breathe in, 
the more it isn't there at all.

Turn your head slowly to locate the scent
and in the darkness quiet your mind,
no neighbours smoke, 
no windows open, no candles lit
but its not the fire burning kind.

cologne and smoke pass back and forth
as if pacing from cheek to cheek
turn on the light, squint your eyes
and in between the air you think 
you've caught a peak.

Thin face and mustache for half a second
fade in and out in shades of green,
across the room in hazy air
undefined, but watching,
so unsure of what you've seen.

The face is gone and yet it observes,
you feel like a patient in a lab,
keep very still and wonder if
when cigarettes and cologne are gone
you were with company or simply going mad?