Written by: Sherwin Balbuena

Nature can be expressed in terms of math
'Tis full of quantities and relations
Bounded by the law of interactions
Endpoint implies our dream; segment, our path
There are as many symbols that replace
As there are things in this wonderful place

A plus signifies accumulation
Of things we desire and of friends we need
Constancy of amount of which will lead
To a process called multiplication
A plus is the most legal for the mind
'Cause it never keeps anything behind

But everything has to undergo change
We're bound by this law of the universe
That we can see a thing and its reverse
Just as a domain produces its range
Our gaining results another's losing
Hating this we'll find us violating

Nature is as compliant as we are
We have a minus which means subtraction
Of something from our accumulation
Like seeing true friends going home afar
For memory 'tis the most illegal
Putting this sign between minds is lethal

To Eric and Michael