The Bard Conclusion

Written by: Tony Lane

Then Keith snapped his fingers and spoke a mystical chant, 
“Grant us the powers to finish off the one that all others can’t” 
There came a sound of a moaning wind and a low and rolling groan, 
Then the ghost of dear sweet Barbara Ann came before the throne. 
“Who has called my visage forth and brought me to this place?” 
They were all transfixed by her charms and by the beauty of the specter’s face.
“Spirit we have called you here to accomplish something that we can’t, 
I’m Keith the conjurer and we have someone that we need you to enchant.”
“If I do this thing for you there’s something that you must do for me, 
I can rid you of this fool but there’s no way that I’m doing it for free.”
The King agreed “Any payment that you require will be laid out at your feet, 
Because I know that your spectral beauty will be impossible to defeat.” 
“Then I shall go about this task where doth the fool reside?” 
King Eric told her that the dungeon is where they tossed his hide. 
“Then leave this fool to my methods and let none of you come near, 
Stay away from the castle dungeon no matter what sounds you’ll hear.” 
The spectral figure of Barbara Ann promised that in two night’s time, 
They would be well rid of this fool and in a way that would probably rhyme. 
And as it is with spectral figures Barbara Ann held fast to her word, 
Two days hence and the fool was gone and though it might sound to you absurd, 
All of the riches that she required to the fool she asked that they be paid, 
For the weekend that she spent with the fool she should never seek to trade. 
And what of the fool who paid the price By being hoisted upon his own petard? 
It seems that he is no longer a fool, Instead he’s now become a bard. 
The lesson that I offer to you is that when you make a plan fool proof, 
Never underestimate the ingenuity of fools, Lest they steal treasures from beneath your roof.