The Bard Part 0ne

Written by: Tony Lane

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away 
Lived the good King Eric and his good Queen Maggie May. 
King Eric stood at the parapet and waved down to his people, 
Gathering up their adoration as bells rang in their steeple. 
Just then the Duke and Duchess of Plouck called upon the King, 
And he granted them an audience to see what news they bring. 
“What tidings do ye share from your far and distant land? 
What is it I should I guard against and what is now considered grand?” 
The Duke of Plouck looked around then pulled the King aside, 
“King I bring you warning lest in this place a fool might soon reside.” 
“It is the truth your majesty,” the Duchess of Plouck agreed, 
“Pay heed to this warning for soon the fool arrives upon his steed.” 
The King surveyed the whole wide land and all that he was born to rule, 
When Queen Maggie spied at the castle gates the arrival of the fool. 
King Eric called to his errant knight that stalwart named Sir John, 
And ordered his knight to toss the fool into a dungeon cell anon. 
Sir John told the King that he would but he had a Lady who was in waiting, 
And it was the favors of Lady Pam that he was anticipating. 
So the King called out an order to bring forth the mystics from the wood, 
The seer Mariann and conjurer Keith soon joined him where he stood. 
Keith asked, “Good King what is it that you require from the two of us? 
What has caused you to summon we seers and to raise such a royal fuss?” 
“I need you to cast your spell and sit upon your sooth seer’s stool, 
And conjure up the way for me to rid my kingdom of this fool.” 
“I see.” said the seer as she sat upon her special stool, 
“How is it we, the two of us, can rid you of a fool?”