Happy New Year

Written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Happy goes this beginning
Sadness is left at the corner
We shall all be smiling
So goes the secret order
Decreed by the highest master

The days are joyful
The hearts are bountiful
Magic resounds everywhere
The fairy queen took out her wand
To spread the beauty out of her hand

Wishes are heard from every lips
Wishes of peace, prosperity and luck
But had anyone thought of the ugly duck?
All alone, he sits and sips
The juice out of the muck

Faces are radiant with glories
They have been gifted diaries
To fill them up with verses
And odes, and poetry,
For lovers we all are of words artistry!

Shall this be a new beginning?
A new corner bringing hope?
Shall we all light a new lamp?
Shall the gloomy ones still mope?
Is it a new era? Or is it the end of everything?

Name : Anoucheka Gangabissoon
Contest name : Happy New Year
Contest Sponsor : Francine Roberts
Date: 3 January 2012