Lessons Learned

Written by: Brooklyn Rivera


I  know you don't love me lately. I barely love me too

I put you in situations that take a lot of getting use to.. I use to

seem to have it all figured out, I'm still learning

you were all I cared about at one point and now you're hurting

And I just still can't decide if this is more befitting or deserving.

I wish that I was selfish, so that meeting you and loving you was something I never dealt with

But I will never know it, I will never take the time to sit back and wonder " what if"

what if you  were ever mine, What if I became a vision , Instead of an option I became a decision.

And I know you dont love me but you only know me now

If you ever met me back then. you'd prefer to love me now

But I been through hell and back, its been hard. I think Its obvious

but love me for the fact that I traded in my negativity for the positive.

you dont love me, i wouldn't love me either

but I know that you think of me, and im still a believer

if we feel we don't deserve it then we never take the time

if we feel it's not deserving  , we consider it a lie

Just a moment for your thoughts. and the promises you're breaking

if moving on is never taught, a mistake is all we're making

a bridge will always burn, until you learn to love me

this is just a lesson learned.