New Year's Cruise

Written by: Rick Rucker

New Year’s Cruise By Rick Rucker Last year started out somewhat unclear, A few sailings with the one that I now call “Dear,” Spending the time that we have together, Finding out, not when, but whether, We would live our lives united, If we would still be excited, To see each other’s faces, The whole package, from hair, to laces, For each to hear the other’s laugh, Perhaps, at a social gaffe, Our journey seems to have begun, Down that path, that ends in “One,” A walk that takes but a minute, But with so much meaning in it, A few words, a simple “I do,” Endless bands that bind the two, Let me dispel all confusion, We labor under no delusion, Having been to this show before, This time, we both need more, A union which is some of this, And some of that, sealed by a kiss, To the extent that anyone can, We have formulated a charted plan, Which will take us through the tears, For, oh, maybe, fifty years! We know it will not be all smooth sailing, One, or both of us, might be ailing, But, before it is too late, I wish to sign on as her new first mate!