Written by: Olusegun Akanbi

Life and death
Entails the other
When I die where will I go? 
So I wonder?
What is life?
And the essence of living
If the world was created free
Why are we not giving?
The air that we breathe will pass away with time
And we shall take no silver with us
Not even a dime
When your time is up
And your heart stops beating
And light becomes dark
And your mouth stops eating
And our soul departs
To a place yet unknown
But our flesh nourishes the soil
See how big the trees have grown
For fate is marked with cruelty
But why have you treated me so?
Quench my fire 
Like a candle wind blow
Lonely hearts
In homely carts
Isolated in the world of greed
Yet we have naked women and babies
With nothing to feed
And wretched men in need
Wallowing in hopelessness
Scourges afflict the earth
Once green like olives 
A man’s success is measured
By his control over the soil
This makes my blood to boil
Because I eat not from my toil
And everyday I am a prisoner
Trapped in the labyrinth of misery
I pray that one day all of these 
Will become history