The Wandering Fool

Written by: Tony Lane

There was a fool who was forced to wander 
Over the face of the land. 
He never stayed anywhere for more than a day 
For he was cursed and from mankind he was banned. 
It seems that in his youthful days 
he had abandoned sweet Barbara Ann, 
So distraught was she that she took her own life, 
So from that time on he ran. 
And if he should ever be granted entrance 
to an unsuspecting town. 
The ghost of his sweet Barbara Ann 
Would burn the place to the ground. 
And now this poor fool must never stop 
Or seek love from another heart. 
Because if he caused love’s fire to burn, 
Barbara would see and a fire she’d start. 
And what of the poor wronged Barbara Ann 
What will set her soul to rest? 
Only if she unites again with the fool 
And he can pass her lover’s test. 
For when the day comes that she takes him back 
And she can see that his heart is true, 
Is the day that she can let go of this world
and fall to rest with the morning dew.