The Wraiths Tale

Written by: Tony Lane

As a young girl Barbara Ann’s thoughts were given to finding a love so true, 
Then one day she thought that she’d met the man to whom she’d say I do. 

And so she gave her heart away along with her body and soul, 
But when the time came for them to wed her heart had a gapping hole. 

For he had abandoned her at the altar for all the world to view, 
It was there she uttered a curse that was aimed at you know who. 

“If ever he should stay at a place for more than even a single day, 
A fire will burn that place to the ground and send him on his way.” 

Then she raised a knife to her breast and deprived the world of lasting beauty, 
And haunting the man who’d broken her heart became her eternal duty. 

Take heed of this tale all you men who play loose with a woman’s heart, 
Pledge your love and keep it well when e’er pierced by Cupid’s dart.