Written by: binibining p.iNk

I know I should have a wide smile on my face right now,
just thankful for the chance of being here
but this is laced with sadness,
a lump in my throat 
as I await for the inevitable.

This single word
echoes in my mind

So much has been borrowed,
and one day will be returned.
Maybe one at a time,
but all eventually go back to its owner.
Some may get lost in the way,
but I’d like to think that at least 
a part of themselves return...

I would liken it to waves near the shore
they always seem to be finger-like for me...
Tickling the sand, teasing
then you suddenly realize 
that all that time, they have been sneaky,
taking with them
grains of sand, 
back to the water
where they belong.

Everything is borrowed
one way or another.
One way or another, 
they go back to where they 
truly belong.


! Yeah! My first poem of the year, sappy me.  ;p
When I realized it was past 11 pm here,
 just had to squeeze rush writing and posting this one
 in between stuff before I go back finishing it is that I have to finish…
Happy 2012 everyone :D !