The Duchess Tale

Written by: Tony Lane

The Duchess of Plouck spends her day in pursuit of sartorial splendor, 
In order to help her employ deceitful ways well suited for her gender. 

For she and her Duke had swore out a pact founded on mutual suspicion, 
And any thoughts of a double-cross served only as a minor imposition. 

She had her spies and he had his to keep watch on all that they did, 
And the poison vials and dagger knives were stashed away and hid. 

She had been well taught by her dear mama and understood her place, 
And always made sure to not reveal all of the thoughts behind her pretty face. 

She was content to lend her aid to the Duke and help him in his plans, 
As long as he understood that his wellbeing rested solely in her hands. 

In the realm of courtly life allegiance of powers are daily shifted, 
And the one who wears the crown might find his powers soon are lifted. 

The Duchess of Plouck is very adept and playing the games at court, 
And raising her Duke to the place of King is nothing more than sport.