The Dukes Tale

Written by: Tony Lane

The Duke of Plouck surveyed his Duchy from the window in the tower, 
Then he went to meet with his spies because that’s how you hold on to power. 

And in his mind he’d developed a plan to gain favor with the King, 
By uncovering a conspiracy and save Eric from meeting with death’s sting. 

So when his spies brought him word and news of a possible threat, 
The Duke made sure that it came to pass so the King would be in his debt. 

His spies had learned of an outcast man who wandered from town to town, 
Who brought misfortune wherever he went and was scorned when he came around. 

So the Duke forged a letter to this man saying that the King would take him in, 
Then the Duke could easily save the day before trouble had chance to begin. 

Deceitful guile spins a spidery web and none it seems are safe from it, 
Take extra care my shadowy friend because occasionally the spider will get bit.