The Blackbird

Written by: Tricia Lucas-Clarke

The blackbird’s footprints seemed to trace
The footpath to the resting place
Through the bright new layer of snow
They led the way, showed where to go.

They laid your baby in the ground
A tiny heart that made no sound
I scattered earth and shed a tear
Scared and lonely, wracked with fear.

For two weeks before we’d tied your hair
With a band from mine as you lay aware
Things would never be the same
A tiny being would have no name.

I never saw you cry that day
So I hid my sadness as I walked away
I saw the blackbird that day too
Wise eyes watching, I think he knew.

The year is new, joy may it bring
As Winter changes into Spring
And when dragonflies dart in the sun
I’ll  think about your little one.