A Cutter's Guide to a Romantic Evening

Written by: Kyle Carlson

You bring the razor blades
I’ll bring the tourniquets
We can slice our skin in midnight’s moonlight 
And unify our wounds so they bleed in the same river
But we won’t die 
No, not tonight.
Tonight, we’re nothing but a pair of dirty kids
Cutters with satanic minds
And ice encrusted hearts
And no love from the world
Showing them all we won’t hold the pain inside anymore.
Spilling our lives on linoleum
While dancing to the sound of our favorite songs
Splashing our feet in the crimson storm
It feels so phenomenal. 
Maybe we should bleed out, baby
Dissipate into the ebony
So profound and tranquil.
Let’s change our satanic minds
And leave this sickening world TONIGHT
C’mon baby, double suicide.
Let’s crash our ice encrusted hearts together like two wayward cars
Me and you die in a world of scars.