Come to me

Written by: Sanjay purushotham

Come to me,
Into my arms,
Feel the warmth of my heart,
A light of hope that i see,
loving me, and completely mine
It keeps me alive all the time.
I just want you to see,
The warmth that i will make you feel.
I know it that, you are in pain,
I just want to feel the same
And take it away all from you
Far away where even light wont pierce through,
I want to wipe all your tears,
Bring in your life lots of cheer,
In your soul in your heart,
I never want to be apart,
I'm not a poet, not Mozart,
I just tell you from my heart,
I just keep singing your name,
Until my life comes to an end,
I can't be near, can't be far,
This is the problem I fear of,
That if some day, you go away,
I will be lost in a desert with no way.
I will die from my heart,
Body will fall apart,
I'm just so in love with you,
It's never gonna fade,
That is true.

I really love you 
                             to my loving,
                               AMANDA MILLER.