Advice Grip

Written by: Tony Lane

Out in the midst of a deep dark forest the soothsayers silently sat. 
As they tried to make out either heads or tails from the entrails of a cat. 

“What think ye?” said the first to his scrutinizing mate. 
“What is it that we can tell King Eric about his coming fate?” 

His wife took only a moment to consider what she had to say. 
Then she offered up her thoughts “I think it will rain today.” 

“Rain?” asked Keith the conjurer as stared at his Mariann. 
“What does that have to do with the king? I don’t see how it fits the plan.” 

“The King relies on Sir John the Brave he’s the knight that is truly trusted. 
But when he travels with the King today he’ll become completely rusted. 

And in his suit of armor Sir John will be frozen into place. 
Allowing the King’s enemies to overcome him in the chase. 

Tell the King to remain castle bound for at least another week. 
He should not try to make a move until once again we speak.” 

Then Mariann the seer moved a little closer to the fire,
And smiled because she knew she held the King like vice grip pliers.