The Conjurers Tale

Written by: Tony Lane

Keith was a conjurer of great skill and could do almost anything, 
And so he did what he was told and gave great power to the King. 

The King it seems had always felt that turning things to gold with a touch, 
Would be just the ticket to please the Queen and build up the coffers and such. 

But that little spell proved disastrous and Keith had to turn everything back, 
The King liked the way it all worked out because it was self-control he lacked. 

The Queen thought that Keith was way too handy and he needed to be farther away, 
So she banished him from inside the castle walls and into the woods to stay. 

A conjurer was a useful thing and Keith came when the King would call, 
The King liked to have the powers at hand just not inside the castle wall. 

Now Keith lives in splendid isolation but is on retainer to the King, 
And would look up to the castle walls whenever the church bells would ring.