Final Review

Written by: Christopher Stones

(This was originally intended to be a rap)

If the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players, fools and soothsayers, hold on to hope and say your prayers. If this is all a play then I beg the question which act are we in? Has Ophelia’s madness done her in, racing to the resolution, a memorable le fin? Or are we shooting for a matinee waiting to begin again?

If we only knew, maybe we should let God do what he do and write that final review.

He thought: “The leads were mostly brilliant if a little over paid, however the supporting cast came across as a little too naive, a little too easily swayed and one glaring plot hole made the end to inconceivable. See one would think that so many wouldn’t be so deceivable, that so few could exercise complete control, that the masses would willingly writhe around in a hopeless hole. In the real world majority would win, all those people would speak-up and make the few give in. Oh well, I give it two stars out of four and I’m eager to see what they come up with for an encore.”