The Ironic Earthquake

Written by: Sheena Slootweg-Langkjar

It was a normal day in school
The day the earthquake hit
Off the coast of Vancouver Island
Not far from home I must admit

There I was in Geography class
How ironic I must say
When the blinds on the windows 
Did begin to sway

The chairs in class
Began to shake
Ever so slightly
They moved with the quake

The teacher looked and said to us
I think an earthquake's hit
Let us check the news today
For our benefit 

The television was turned on
The newscaster had a view
Of the city from above 
Beneath the sky so blue

We watched and watched
On the t.v.
But nothing fell
There was little to see

It had been small
Minuscule in fact
We could feel it's power
But see no impact

Not all earthquakes 
Are this way
They can shake and shatter
And cause much dismay

Let us learn from this day
The power within
This earth is our home
And always has been

Contest: Mother Nature Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Leighann Anderson